Falcon families: With the school year coming to a close, many subjects will require State exams and Final exams. Students are encouraged to speak with all of their teachers for specific details. Please mark you calendars and ask your child to view the personal invitation/parent information letter for each subject.

April 24: CLT (Seniors that need Reading/Math for graduation; Fivay High to pay the cost of the this exam)
April 25: EGP #1 (Juniors in AICE English General Paper)
April 30: FCLE (US Government students)
May 1: EGP #2(Juniors in AICE English General Paper) & ELA Gr9:Alves' students
May 2: ELA Gr9: Konrad’s students
May 3: PROM, all Biology students, & ELA Gr9: Valenza’s students
May 6: AP Gov, AP Chem, & ELA Gr10:Thompson’s students
May 7: AP Micro, AP HUG, AP Stats, & ELA Gr10:Greenfelder’s students
May 8: all US History students, AP Lit, and ELA Gr10: Knapp’s students
May 9: AP Psych and Geometry: Keller’s students
May 10: AP US History students, AP Macro, and Geometry: Mavila Veettil’s students
May 13: AP Calc, AP PreCalc, and Geometry: VanHelden’s students
May 14: AP Lang, Geomietry: Zion’s students, and Algebra: Farrell’s students
May 15: District Final for periods 3 & 4, AP World students, and Algebra: Wilson’s students
May 16: District Final for periods 1 & 6, AP BIO, and Algebbra: Jabeen’s students
May 17: District Final for periods 2 & 5 and AP Physics
May 20: District Final make-ups in Media
May 22: Senior retakes for ALG
May 23: Senior retakes for Reading
May 24: Students’ last day