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Student Parking and Safe Behind the Wheel Parking Course

This course is now online through Canvas and is a requirement for any student wishing to obtain a parking pass for Fivay High School (there will be NO in-person versions of this course offered anymore)


  • The modules are locked and must be viewed in order.
  • There are several practice quizzes along the way, but only the Final Test will print on the student’s grade sheet.
  • Students must print their Grade Sheet for the “Safe Behind the Wheel” course to prove they earned a 14/20 or higher on the final test, and include it with their parking application.
  • Students can self-enroll in the course by accessing the unique link for Fivay:  Safe Behind the Wheel – Fivay
  • Parking passes will be enforced beginning September 6, 2022. After this date, NO students will be permitted to park on campus unless they have a current FHS parking pass. 
  • Students must complete and submit the online parking application. 

See Mr. Riel during lunches for further information. 

Please complete the application below (link) only if you are a licensed driver and have completed the Safe Behind the Wheel class. You will not receive a parking tag unless all information is complete and accurate. Completing an application does NOT guarantee a parking tag. After you receive an email confirmation approving your application, you must pay the $40 parking fee ($20/semester). This fee may be paid online using the following link: Click Here. If you do not have a parking tag, you cannot park on the FHS campus after September 2, 2022.

Please read the FHS Parking Procedures below prior to completing the application below. Submission of an application verifies that you have read, understand and will comply with the FHS Parking Procedures. Neither Fivay High School nor the District School Board of Pasco County is responsible for any theft, damage, vandalism, or mishap that may occur to any vehicle parked on the campus of Fivay High School. Parking at Fivay High School is a privilege and all vehicles must be properly registered. Please review all FHS Parking Procedures with your parent/guardian.

FHS Parking Procedures

  • Students must have their parking tags displayed at all times while parking on campus.
  • Student parking is permitted only in the student parking lot (back of school).
  • Loitering in the parking lot is not permitted before, during, or after school.
  • The parking lot is considered an “unauthorized area” during the school day. Students should not be in the parking lot for any reason, as cars are not to be used as lockers. If a student is found in the parking lot, his/her parking tag will be revoked for a time to be determined by the student’s grade level administrator. Students are only allowed to return to their cars when leaving school at the end of the day or after signing out for early dismissal.
  • After entering the parking lot, all students must leave their cars immediately, report to their designated area, and remain on campus.
  • If a student leaves campus without being signed out by a parent, his/her parking tag will be revoked for a time to be determined by student’s grade level administrator.
  • At the end of the school day, students that do not have an after-school activity must be in their vehicles and leave campus no later than 10 minutes after the last bell.
  • To ensure the safety and protection of the student population, Florida Law provides for the search of any vehicle on campus by the school administration and/or designee upon reasonable suspicion that a violation of a school rule is occurring.
  • Once issued, the parking tag CANNOT be altered.
  • Tags are not transferable (given to or sold to) to another student for any reason.
  • If you withdraw from or leave FHS, your parking tag must be turned in to the front office. Parking fee will not be refunded.
  • Parking tags must be properly displayed on the rear-view mirror of the vehicle.
  • If you change vehicles, you must provide a copy of the registration and proof of insurance immediately to the main office.

Suspension of Parking Privileges
A student’s parking privilege may be suspended/revoked for the following reasons:

  • Being in any parking area or in a car during the school day without proper authorization by school administration.
  • Transferring or receiving an illegally transferred parking tag.
  • Parking in areas other than student parking areas.
  • Exceeding the 5 MPH speed limit in any parking area.
  • Driving recklessly and/or speeding on and around the school campus.
  • Displaying words, graphics, or designs on your vehicle that are in poor taste.
  • Leaving campus without permission. Playing loud music or making disruptive noises while on campus.
  • Failure to follow the Pasco County Schools & Fivay High School Student Code of Conduct.
Fivay High School Student Parking Application

Fivay High School Student Parking Application

Fivay High School Student Parking Application

Please complete this application ONLY if you are licensed driver and have completed the Safe Behind the Wheel class or if you have Passed Drivers Education at Fivay HS.

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