Safe Behind the Wheel Parking Course

This course is now online through Canvas and is a requirement for any student wishing to obtain a parking pass for Fivay High School (there will be NO in-person versions of this course offered anymore)


  • The modules are locked and must be viewed in order.
  • There are several practice quizzes along the way, but only the Final Test will print on the student’s grade sheet.
  • Students must print their Grade Sheet for the “Safe Behind the Wheel” course to prove they earned a 14/20 or higher on the final test, and include it with their parking application.
  • Students can self-enroll in the course by accessing the unique link for Fivay:  Safe Behind the Wheel – Fivay
  • This MUST be completed by the end of the first week of school if you wish to park on campus starting August 31st.
  • Students Must download and fill out the Fivay High School Parking Application and turn it in with their Safe Behind the Wheel Grade Sheet.

See Cpl. Peters, our SRO, for further information.