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NJROTC-Unit Leadership



Our Unit Instructors have over 24 years of JROTC Instructor experience, and over 45 years of active-duty experience. Our Cadet Company Staff for the 2020/2021 school year were hand-selected based on the demonstrated leadership skills they exhibited last school year.

Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI): Major Christopher Nolf (Insert Biography)


Naval Science Instructor (NSI): Master Sergeant Homer Hodges (Insert Biography)


Our Cadet Staff

  1. Commanding Officer:  Cadet Commander Sadie Campbell
  2. Executive Officer:  Cadet Lieutenant Commander Lismarie Negron
  3. Operations Officer:  Cadet Lieutenant Meadow Williams
  4. Command Master Chief:  Cadet Master Chief Petty Officer Aiden Figueroa
  5. Administration Officer:  Lieutenant Junior Grade Shevelle Hidalgo
  6. Supply Officer:  Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Katherine Hendrickson
  7. Public Affairs Officer: Cadet Ensign Nevaeh Hidalgo
  8. Community Service Officer:  Cadet Ensign Jacob Robinson
  9. Education Officer:  Cadet Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Mackenzie Greer & Cadet Chief Petty Officer Karla Cabanas
  10. Social Committee Officer:  Cadet Petty Officer First Class Tatiana Diehl & Cadet James Scala
  11. Ordinance Officer: Cadet Chief Petty Officer Christopher Jolliff
  12. Unarmed Regulation Drill Team Commander:  Cadet Executive officer Lismarie Negron
  13. Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team Commander:  Cadet Commanding Officer Sadie Campbell and Cadet Lieutenant Meadow Williams
  14. Armed Regulation Drill Team Commander:  Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Shevelle Hidalgo
  15. Armed Exhibition Drill Team Commander:  Cadet Ensign Josephine Russo
  16. Orienteering Commander:  N/A
  17. Academics Commander:  Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer Mackenzie Greer
  18.  Honor Guard Commander:  Cadet Senior Chief Allie Gonzalez
  19. Athletics Team Commander:  Cadet Master Chief Petty Office Aiden Figueroa and Cadet Ensign Jacob Robinson
  20. Color Guard Commander:   Cadet Lieutenant Meadow Williams