NJROTC-Awards and Promotions

Awards and Promotions

​Our Battalion believes in giving awards as quickly as possible after they are earned.  Our goal is to have earned awards handed out in class once a quarter.
Our promotion system is based on demonstrated knowledge and ability, not on position held.  Only three Unit positions have a fixed rank associated with them:  The Cadet Commanding Officer (C/CDR), the Cadet Executive Officer (C/LCDR) and the Cadet Company Master Chief Petty Officer (C/MCPO).  All other Cadets wear the rank to which they have earned promotion.  Our promotion system is explained below, but requires the following for promotion to each rank:
1)  Time and Grade(In Class and Unit)
2)  Academic Knowledge (Academic exam)
3)  Practical Knowledge (Drill exam)
4)  Community / Unit Service Hours
5)  Good conduct and Uniform grades

NJROTC Cadet Ribbons The official NSTC webpage showing each NJROTC ribbon and description: https://www.njrotc.navy.mil/ribbons_slideshow.html

The Cadet Ribbon Checker is an interactive website that allows you to “build” your ribbon rack by selecting the ribbons you currently rate: https://www.njrotc.navy.mil/ribbons_slideshow.html