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Girl’s Soccer Team Rules – Varsity and JV– 2022/23 All practices are mandatory. All games are mandatory. No attendance at practice the day before a game without a Drs’ note, court note, or, because of ISS or OSS, or any unexcused absence and the student /athlete will not participate in the game. You will be expected to be at the practice or game even if you cannot participate. Communication is vital if a student/athlete will not be in attendance. All physicals, participation fee and proper paperwork must be complete and turned in to participate. A concussion, sudden cardiac arrest and heat illness course must be complete and on file. Fees are due immediately upon being named a member of the girls’ soccer team. Students will ride to the games on the bus and be returned to the school parking lot on the bus. Unless otherwise stated jv players shall stay at the game site for transportation back to school after the varsity game. (mandatory) Student transportation to their residence should be available at school upon our return within 20 minutes of our return to campus. Students that require a doctor for an injury or illness are REQUIRED to have a doctor’s release in writing, to return to participation. That being said, ALL injuries should be reported immediately to the coach and the Athletic Trainer. Family and academic reasons to miss a soccer game or practice shall warrant a decision by the coach, possibly in conjunction with the athletic director, or the principal as to whether it is excused and whether the student/athlete shall be suspended from some games or dismissed from the team. A birthday is not a reason to miss a game or practice. Club/outside games or practice do not supersede our high school team. THIS RULE INCLUDES SCHOOL ACTIVITIES SUCH AS “POWDER PUFF” FOOTBALL. ATHLETES IN SEASON MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS ACTIVITY. Consequences will include, but are not limited to suspension from 3 games. If a student wishes to be on the girl’s soccer team they must abide by the rules as defined by the coach or possibly be removed from the team! Once you have made the jv or varsity team, the team is the first priority. No exceptions. Clubs come after soccer. For example: if interact is going on an outing, soccer comes first, Special Olympics, any other team activities that do not receive a varsity letter for your time, are unexcused. (this includes outside club teams) With an unexcused absence, you could be dismissed from the team. If you are a member of something like national honor society or student council, you may go to the meeting up until it is time to be at practice. Anything not covered on this list shall be between the coach and the athlete and the parents. It shall be at the coach’s discretion, per incident, as to the disciplinary action. All student handbook rules and regulations shall be adhered to, (which you have signed as part of your participation packet). As a representative of Fivay High School and the Girl’s soccer team you are expected to represent commitment, responsibility and dedication to your studies, your team and your family. Continued disciplinary actions for anything happening at school or otherwise, shall be grounds for dismissal from the team. Being a member of a varsity team is a privilege and every effort should be made to meet its’ obligations. The coach reserves the right to discipline or remove from the team anyone who has an unexcused absence, abuses a teammate or an opponent, or who is not aspiring to be a student/athlete in good standing in the classroom, the community or on the team. Any and all derogatory comments or postings about Fivay High School and its’ students, especially your teammates, or about coaches and teachers, on facebook or it’s like product shall be grounds for immediate removal. Be on time or be left behind ! I have read and understand the rules of being a student/athlete on the Fivay girl’s soccer team, and will to the best of my ability strive to be the best student/athlete I can be. Please sign and return to Coach Rizzieri. Not signing or returning this does not release you from the obligations to follow the rules. X (your signature)_________________________________________Date_________________________ X (parent,guardian signature)____________________________________________Date_________________________ Emergency Phone_____________________________________________ F ocused on academics, A ttitude, L ead by example, C ommitment to excellence, O n task, on time, N ever defeated Sport fees due within 3 days of being chosen for the soccer team. First sport: $70 Second sport: $40 Third sport or individual cap: $110 Family cap: $170 My school email: the season the team is involved with several fund raising events. Presently we will be working the football concession stand, football parking (1 date) and others are being arranged. Our fundraising benefits YOU. More information to come. I hope that this information helps you to understand the demands of participating on a high school varsity team. Female athletes sometimes participate in other activities and sports at the same time. This overlap of activities sometimes works and sometime there is interference that disrupts one activity or another. A discussion as to the viability of this participation needs to take place BEFORE and for the benefit of all involved in order to work out any conflicts ahead of time.

Head Coach:  Christine Rizzieri

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There are Several Girls Soccer Fundraisers going on throughout the season. Please see a Girl’s Soccer Player if you would like to help out.

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