2016 FSPA Award Winners

This past weekend, over 1,300 students were present from Journalism programs all over the state and came together for the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) State Convention in Orlando. There were students from both Broadcast programs and Print Programs. Our students not only learned a lot more about the field and enjoyed the 3-day trip, some of them also walked away with top State Awards and were honored in front of high schools all across the state:
Katie Kelly won an All-Florida Award for “Yearbook On the Spot Photo”. Katie also won a “Best of the Best” for her photo, becoming the first student in Fivay history to win such a high honor
Emily Pintavalle won an All-Florida Award for “Yearbook Sports Spread” and was one of three students nominated for “Best of the Best” among the eight statewide All-Florida winners
Izzy Bodnar won an All-Florida Award for “Broadcast Show Opening” (the intro that plays to start the news every day).
Lindsay Campbell and Katelynn Johnson won FIRST PLACE in the “Yearbook Photo Story” contest.
Stacy Hueter won an All-Florida Award for Newspaper News Page.
Caitlin Whispel and Caitlyn Force won third place at the FSPA Convention In the Yearbook Design Contest (which can be seen on pages 252-253 when the books come out).
Katie Kelly won an EXCELLENT Award for Feature Photography.
Marcus Baist won an EXCELLENT Award for Newspaper Humorous Commentary (A Memo to Snowbirds: Go Home).
Shanda Johnes won an EXCELLENT Award for her Newpaper Humorous Commentary (A Day in the Life of a Single Person).
Kenna Mercado won an EXCELLENT Award for Newspaper Editorial Column (The Consequences of Social Media)
Michaela Barney won an EXCELLENT Award for her Yearbook Personality Profile Feature.
Lindsay Campbell won an EXCELLENT Award for her Yearbook Feature Story.
The following students won Honorable mentions from FSPA for their contests: 
Broadcast: Joseph Robinson, Clay Weinhauer, Izzy Bodnar and Logan Thompson
Newspaper: Kermalea Altenburg, Serena Gauci, Katherine Chavez
Yearbook: Aubry Hall, Jenna Prentice, Isabella Nieratko, Taylor Berryhill, Kacy Bennett, Siobhan Spear, Lisa Richey, Gina Cruz, Cassie Hack, Journey Hanna, Amanda Jimenez-Roman, Kahlie Ashton
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