FSPA – Yearbook and Newspaper Awards


This year's Spring FSPA Awards were announced. Fivay submitted a select number of stories and spreads for both Yearbook and Newspaper and racked up numerous awards. Our school newspaper was evaluated for the first time and is now officially an Award-Winning Newspaper. Students who won Excellent Honors will be recognized at the FSPA State Convention.  There were over 1,500 entries in each category for submission. Only the top 10% were recognized in the Excellent Category and top 35% in that or the Honorable Mention category. The following students won awards:

Excellent Award
Riane Lisnock – Student Life Design (Dating Spread)
Amber Mariano and Riane LIsnock – Intro/Section Divider Design
Sarah Bernstein  – Photography at FSPA Workshop
Honorable Mention
Amber Mariano – Pep Rally Photography
Riane Lisnock/Will Haas – Swimming Spread
Riane Lisnock/Cole Hazelgrove – Varsity Football Spread
Meghan Mancuso and Dana Sterneman – Homecoming Dance Spread
Ricky Bohm – Eric Vitale Personality Profile
Excellent Award
Jacob Boring – Movie Review for Saving Mr. Banks
Jacob Boring – Movie Review for Jobs
Ricky Bohm – Sports Homecoming Game Story
Honorable Mention
Krysta Johnes – Front Page Newspaper Design (May 2013 Issue with Special Olympics Front Page)
Haley Ridgely – Front Page Newspaper Design (February 2014 Newspaper Front Page – Senioritis)
Haley Ridgely – Editorials on Homecoming Week, The School News and Seniors
Kenna Mercado –  Feature Story on Homecoming Dance
Kate Chavez – Valentine's Day Page Design
Kate Chavez – Girl Code/Guy Code Page Design
Ashley Gauci – Sports Page Design
Ricky Bohm – Top 10 Sports Highlights from 2012-2013
Kahlie Ashton – Black Friday Column
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