Solo & Ensemble Competition

After a long and exhausting weekend of performances, the following students deserve a huge congratulations for their efforts this weekend at Solo and Ensemble:

All received Excellent ratings for their solo performances,:
Victoria Guption
Nicholas Stantz
Donovan Vaughan
Justin Rhodes
Noah Hayden
All received Superior ratings for the solos in which Jordan, Ashley, Cana, and Kaitlin will be performing at the State level for their solos:
Kameron Altman
Allie Slate
Cana Cravens
Kaitlin Wong
Jordan Schaffner
Ashley Giron

Our Jazz Combo (including: Kaitin Wong, Cana Cravens, Allie Slate, Micah Davis, Donovan Vaughan, and Will Verbeke) received a Superior and will travel to State. 

Finally, the Winter Guard (including: Jordan Schaffner, Ashley Giron, Jessica Johnson, Tiffani Rouse, Hope Garrett, Katrina Moreira, and Selma Podibicanin) received a Superior rating and will travel to State. 

That gives Fivay a total of 6 events traveling to State which is twice as many as last year! 

Congratulations to these students; who worked very hard for the last few months for each of their performances.



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