Homecoming Dress Code


The Dress Code for the Homecoming Dance will be Semi-Formal. This means boys in suits or dress shirts, dress pants and ties.  No jeans, tennis shoes, polo shirts or T-shirts.  For girls this means dresses or dressy pantsuits.  The dresses must meet the school dress code in terms of length, cleavage coverage and must cover the midriff area (no belly buttons showing).  No “bubble” dresses will be allowed.  These rules apply to the dance and to halftime court presentation.

Any student, who is not dressed appropriately, will be asked to go home and change.  Girls my put on leggings under their dresses in order to meet dress code.  if the Leggings are removed after entering the dance, the girl may be asked to leave the dance.  No  Refunds will be issued for dance ticket.

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