New County Rules on Student Transfers and Athletic Participation

Students previously enrolled in a different high school prior to their current District assignment, who wish to participate in athletics will be defined as student-athlete transfers by the District.  Student-athletes changing school during the summer are also deemed to be student–athlete transfers.  
This classification will stand no matter what time of year the transfer is made (i.e. summer or the regular school year).
Student-athlete transfers shall not participate in athletics for one (1) full calendar year from the date of enrollment at new school.
Student-athlete transfers may appeal if they are prohibited from participating due to the transfer definitions established above.  The Athletic Transfer Participation Committee (ATPC) is provided for students to appeal their non-participation status.  Appeal forms are available on the school and district website or through your school athletic office and/or registrar's office.
Students approved, prior to June 1, 2013, for school choice for the 2013-2014 school year will not be affected by this transfer policy, but must meet all other eligibility requirements.  
For more information on the policy and / or procedures, visit your school or district website or contact your school athletic director.


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