Freshman Feast

Freshman Feast (Click to Download)

Students in Mrs. Zahn's and Mrs. Wilson's English I Classes were assigned the task of coming up with both their favorite holiday recipe and their fondest memory. They were given specific instructions in how to abbreviate (T.=Tablespoon, etc.), how to format their recipes and how long the memory was to be. They were instructed on what font and what size font to use.
They discussed order of preparation. In other words, you can’t put the yeast in last and expect bread to turn out correctly. Recipes and memories were to be turned in sufficiently early, so that we could mark the corrections and students would make those corrections on their typewritten copies in the computer lab. Students were then to email their completed files, so that we did not have to re-type.
We tried to keep the format fairly consistent, but it isn’t always. The title of recipes are in blue; student memory titles are in red so that they are easily identifiable. Some are familiar recipes, perhaps with a twist, others are totally new to us and worth trying. Some were straight from the Internet, but they look interesting. The student memories are also interesting, sometimes touching. 
This was part of our non-fiction studies. We hope that students seeing the finished product will be pleased with what their effort produced. We hope you, too, enjoy and will use these recipes along with your own in the future. 
Have a wonderful 2013! 
Denise Zahn and Danyeille Wilson
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