Digital Learning – FLVS Academic Integrity

Florida Virtual School sent our school an IMPORTANT MEMORANDUM concerning Online Learning:
As each of you know, the employees and students of Florida Virtual School consider integrity and honesty to be at the core of academic achievement.  Unfortunately, while the overwhelming majority of students believe in these principles, there are those that will try to achieve through cheating or illegal means.  To further deter conduct that undermines the honest academic achievement of our students, the past Florida legislative session amended Section 1002.231, Florida Statues relating to digital learning.
The new Florida Law (1002.231) now makes it a crime for any person who knowingly and willfully takes an online course or examination on behalf of another person for compensation.  This is now a misdemeanor punishable by jail and fines.
If anyone approaches you in person, by mail or email or otherwise, offering to do your school work or tests of another person, please report it right away by calling the FLVS Academic Integrity Hotline at 866-943-3050 or by emailing
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