Solo and Ensemble

This past weekend, we hosted the FBA High School Solo and Ensemble Festival. Our students received numerous compliments about their behavior and helpfulness! In addition, our students earned some great ratings:


Jazz Ensemble: Excellent

Winterguard: Superior

Brittany Bammann: Trumpet Superior

Jessica Bradley: Tuba Superior

Jessica Bradley: Euphonium Excellent

Jessica Bradley: Flag Solo Superior

Alexis Carro: Alto Sax Superior

Alexis Carro: Bari Sax Superior

Zachary Daniels: Trombone Superior

Briell Hunsher: Flag Solo Superior

Destiny Pate: Baton Solo Superior

Jordan Schaffner: Flag Solo Superior

William Verbeke: Snare Drum Superior

Kailtin Wong: Tenor Sax Excellent


Bolded students, have earned the opportunity to perform at the FBA State Solo & Ensemble Festival, in Orlando, FL.


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